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Demands for small home safes to protect family and office valuables increase every year due to various indoor and outdoor factors. We at aceHomeSafes have focused our devoted attention to create a 'home safes web-portal' to make your quest in finding a quality home safe meeting your specific demands easier.

There are many kinds of home safes available. Picking a home safe that meets your specific needs, without overspending, is easier said than done. But, here's exactly where we come into play and lend you a hand to carefully decide on the home safe you're looking for.

Before you start and browse the home and office safe categories we provide, we recommend you read through some of the various home safes articles that can guide you in picking a safe and thus safe you money. We know you might already have an solid idea of what you're looking for, but you never know if you might have overlooked important factors.

In a nutshell - Before you decide on a safe for the home you need to determine how much room you have available in the house for a safe and where you are going to install your safe provided you leave enough room for the safedoor to be opened. Second, take a quick inventory of the most valuable and sentimental items that you own. Write them down. How much storage space will you need? Do your valuables have specific preservation needs? Paper documents require a different level of protection than jewelry, video and computer data like Cd's and DVDs. Write down the specifications your safe will need to meet before browsing and you will, without a doubt, not overspend on the home safe you require and have your valuables protected as intended.

Thanks to Ace Home Safes there is no need to browse dozens of internet pages and stores. For now, we do not cover gun safes as we decided to put our attention on home safes first and foremost! So as you can see, the navigation bar on the left side of the site displays 3 main categories: Small Home Safes, Small Office Safes and Miscelanious Security. All main categories contain subcategories conveniently listing all the security products that fit that category description.

Featured Articles

Here's an overview of the latest articles published on Ace home Safes. We strive the bring you the best up to date information to help you in your quest for a safe. When we have new tips and info, it will be published here. See an overview of all home safes articles here.

  • How to Find an Affordable Home Safe
    When it comes to protecting valuables, there is no better option than owning a home safe. After all, safes have been used for this very purpose for hundreds of years. But safes come in many shapes and forms, and as such can vary in cost. For those of us on a budget, spending thousands of dollars to get the best safe available is simply not an option. Fortunately, buying a safe doesn't have to be a bank-clearing ordeal.
  • Moisture Absorbers - How to Keep Out Moisture in Safes
    The best thing you can do to prevent moisture in safes is to use a moisture absorber. There are electrical an non-electrical absorbers.
  • The Biometric Safe or the Biovault 2.0 Safe - Which is Better?
    This is one of the frequentlmy asked questions. Is the Honeywell Biomtric Safe better than the Biovault 2.0?
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