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First of all we like to thank you for taking the time and interest in trying to get to know more about either the aceHomeSafes site-concept or what we are all about.

aceHomeSafe was build and founded in the beginning of 2009 with the intention to provide a portal people could use to easaly browse and find quality safes available on the market today.

This site is build by two men located in Belgium. We are two brothers who take much interest in the safes niche market and security in general. Our home safes web-portal is our first stepping stone into the security market. So there might be a sequal to aceHomeSafes in the near future.

By making this portal available to the public, we like to establish a win-win situation for distributors and potential buyers. Our main goal is to provide the potential buyers a platform to cost-effectively find a safe for the home or office corresponding their needs. The win situation for distributors is obvious and doesn't need any more explanation in our opninion...

To conclude in a funny tone we like to say, have a happy and safe shopping day.

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