My safe stays damp inside causing all paper to show mold and mildew. How can I keep my safe free of moisture?


The best thing you can do to prevent moisture in safes is to use a moisture absorber. There are electrical an non-electrical absorbers. The most effective moisture absorbers are the non-electrical. DampRid dehumidifiers are the most commonly used moisture absorders. DampRid is sold in household sections at places like KMart and Walmart. Safe companies sell it too, but it's usually cheaper in the mothball aisle.

What are DampRid Moisture Absorders?

DampRid non-electric moisture dehumidifier protecting against damage caused by excess moisture; it contains a combination of indicator crystals that change from blue to pink when they can no longer absorb any more excess moisture. It absorbs musty odors caused by stagnant air creating fresh, Healthy air. The indicator crystals are unscented and non-toxic.

DampRid is initially manufactured for keeping closets dry and mildew-free, but it also does the job in safes. Besides absorbing moisture, preventing mold and mildew stains, they also prevent against rust, reduce allergens and eliminate odors caused by moisture.

- The white crystals last approximately 3-4 weeks. *
- Unscented, non-toxic, septic safe and friendly to the environment.
- Collected liquid will not re-evaporate (unlike electric dehumidifiers).
- Some DampRid products are refillable.

How the Refillable DampRid Freshener Works

Week 1: *
Excess moisture is absorbed into white crystals. The crystals will begin to form a solid mass. You may start seeing liquid dripping into the bottom of a container.

Week 2: *
By now the bottom of the container will most likely be about 1/2 - 3/4 full of liquid. Approximately 1/2 - 3/4 of the white crystals will be gone.

Week 3 and Week 4: *
Nearing the end of one month all of the white crystals will have liquefied. The bottom of the container will be full of liquid. Simply empty the collected liquid into the sink or toilet (with the water running).