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Biometric Fingerprint Scan Wall Safe

Biometric Fingerprint Scan Wall Safe

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This Biometric Wall Safe was designed and engineered by a concerned, caring gun owner to protect himself and his loved ones from an accidental discharge while insuring optimum family security. Approved by the Department of Justice as a Firearm Safety Device, the Wall Vault's cutting edge biometric fingerprint recognition technology and stainless steel construction give you peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure.

The Wall Vault is available in 2 models, a biometric or fingerprint model and a keypad model that allows you to input a PIN number. Both models are built to mount into any wall of your home between 2 16" on center studs. The door instantly drops at the touch of a finger or acceptance of a PIN allowing only those with authorization access.

Fingerprints and PIN's are stored, verified, or deleted with ease. A hidden secondary compartment can secure documents, passports, firearm accessories, and more. Even more the Wall Vault runs on a rechargeable battery - No Wiring is required.

* DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device
* Handsome Stainless Steel Construction
* Immediate Access
* Child Proof
* Biometric Sensor System
* Recessed Door
* Wall Mount
* Protective Interior
* Low Battery Alert System

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