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SecureLogic InvisiVault Picture Frame Safe (Fake Safe)

SecureLogic InvisiVault Fake Picture Frame

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Model: InvisiVault Picture Frame Safe


* Safety and Security above all
* Built to Last
* Remote control entry
* Keep goods away from theives

SecureLogic has taken imagination and innovation to the next level by creating the InvisiVault Picture Frame Safe. The InvisiVault combines the ultimate in safety and accessibility because of its ability to fit in every environment. It looks like a regular picture frame -- WRONG -- its a safe, thieves! One you'll never find. The frame features a customizable Picture - a 12x16 or 16x20 painting or photo can be displayed while hiding valuables. The secret door slides open instantly - with the option of opening left to right. And if you have to leave in a real hurry, you can open it in less than 2 seconds. Customizable Interior Storage! Use the shelves to customize the size of your InvisiVault or remove completely for maximum capacity! Features a Remote Control Entry, an easy to operate and program your InvisiVault. Enter code into the slim-line remote and have access from up to 45 ft. away. Comes complete with a built in Charge Port -- it utilizes a 12 volt rechargeable battery. Just plug in the charger when the audible alert sounds. Best of all, it features a Back up Lock/Key- In case of lost remote control or a dead battery, a back up lock key is included for immediate access. Stainless steel, wood.

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