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Honeywell 2013 Fire and Waterproof Safe (0.23 cu. ft.)

Honeywell 2013 - 0.23 cu. ft. Fire and Waterproof Safe

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Model: Honeywell 2013

Technical Details:

* 30 minute fire protection
* Water proof seal
* Includes one-push security latch
* Equipped with key lock
* UL Listed

Product Description:

Honeywell is a globally recognized fortune 100 company with many new innovative safes. The Honeywell 2013 Molded Waterproof Fire Safe protects documents against fire temperatures reaching 1550 degrees for up to 1/2 hour. Includes waterproof seal to protect against flood damage. Approximately 298 cubic inches of storage space. Includes savvy 1 push latch and lock system for added convenience. Inside dimensions are 11.33W X 7.09D X 3.7H. UL listed. The 2013 Honeywell safe has a limited 5 year warranty (no receipt necessary) and a lifetime after fire replacement guarantee.


* Exterior Dimensions: (H x W x D) 6.10" x 13.94" x 11.14"
* Weight: 14.5 lbs

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